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Monthly Match Schedule

Match Schedule, 2024: Tejas Silhouette Shooters

Match fee: $15 TSS member; second weapon is additional $10

$20 non-member; second weapon is additional $10

Monthly Sunday Match Sequence:

•2nd Sunday: 22lr Small-bore (Hunter/Standard) & Cowboy (CLA) small-bore .22lr; & Cowboy (CLA) pistol-caliber (.22WMR and up)

•4th Sunday 22lr Small-bore (Hunter/Standard) & 22lr Benchrest

NOTE: Changes to schedule will be announced on our Facebook page.

Tejas Silhouette Shooters

Special Event Matches and fees replace regularly scheduled match: TBA

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View Calendar
Match Schedule: Events

Oscar Moreno Annual Memorial 2-Day Match: May 25th & 26th, 2019

January (Sunday) 29, 2017

Ft. Bliss Rod & Gun Club, 3730 Roy Johnson Lane N.E., Ft. Bliss, Texas 79916.

Albert "Chief" Avila, President


Tony Lopez,Vice President


Gilbert Portillo Jr., Treasurer


Cindy Mynatt, Secretary


Danny Avila, Sgt. at Arms


Anschutz 1808 EDS

Rules & Regulations

January 29, 2017

SAFETY is EVERYONE'S job. While we practice our various disciplines at the range, we constantly monitor our environment and each other in order to ensure a fun and positive experience.


Join Tejas Silhouette Shooters

January 22, 2023

We’re excited that you're interested in becoming a member of Tejas Silhouette Shooters! Members enjoy reduced match-rates, membership card, and the satisfaction of promoting our sport in a welcoming and professional environment. We look forward to meeting you and practicing our skills together. Individual membership costs only $25 and is valid from August through July.

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